Today is the first day of my second month stay here in Cambodia and I can say that lots of things happened already. It actually feels like I have stayed here longer than a month. Indeed time flies so fast.Previous weeks I was witnessing continuous amazing things. Things I haven’t really encountered when I was in the Philippines. “You” somehow made me experience a lot of “fresh starts”. You will know whom I am pertaining about “You” if you have read my last blog post (CAMBODIA : WHEN I MET YOU). On the side I strongly believe that God just used “You” to teach me more things and to train me for a greater purpose. Sometimes I feel like I am hopeless for not being able to share the good news though because of the language barrier. If God would let me come back here again to continue what he has told me to do I think it would really best to study and learn their medium.

I am not really the “easily-broken-hearted” type of person most especially if I really don’t value that something or someone. But staying with Khmer made my eyes open more to what really matters and to the things that we should focus on and those are things with eternal value.


One thing that amazed me here was that when this girl tapped me and told me that she invited her family (parents and sister) to attend service. I was greatly encouraged not to give up for mine. Ever since becoming a Christian it has always been a prayer to me for my family to get saved and to serve in God’s ministry. Seeing this girl made me realize that it is not too late. If she can, I can and you who are reading this can too. Just so you know the girl is committed in Kid’s ministry. She always goes with other volunteers every Sunday at 3 pm.


Another thing was this little boy. I am amazed on how he worships and how he prays. At his early age he isn’t ashamed of what he believes in. He is such a good example for many.


Oh I remember, there is this one day when I went with my co teacher to Wat Phnom to just roam around, and what happened was she went worshiping their so called god and I saw it right in front of me and my heart really broke. Just imagining her and other Khmer not knowing Jesus, really really hits my heart.  Until now, every time I remember that moment I can’t help myself but cry. I hope I could speak their language so it is really easy to share the good news.

Prior to that I heard her praying in Jesus name so I cleared it with her after seeing her vowing before their god.  And she told me that she whenever she prays she is thinking of Buddha.

I know this is probably my shortest entry so far and I apologize for not updating. Things have been very busy and I admit I was a bit lazy. Thank you for journeying with me by reading my blog. May your heart also be broken for what breaks our great Father.



Since this is a late post I would like to update you about our co-teacher. I believe that Jesus is indeed working step by step in her life. The last time that we talked just a week ago, she said she understands the meaning of the gospel already. But changes isn’t overnight. Help us pray for her and for more souls to be won as the ministry continues here.

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Hi! My name is Adam. I am passionate about teaching and seeing students getting connected to Jesus through the lessons and conversations that I have with them.

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