A Never Ending Process

Hi friends and family,

As always, I am praying and hoping that you are doing quite well.
This is an update for the month of May 2022.

Honestly it has been a little ordinary these past few weeks, however I couldn’t complain really because God is good no matter what, and I am quite grateful for that. I mean saying that it was ordinary is just really to describe things that have happened this month.

Also a little disclaimer, this might be a short one but I think that you deserve to be updated.

Here are some of the students learning how to play a guitar in my class. Alongside acquiring the skill, they are quite excited because they will be able to use it in their respective ministries.

This photo was taken while I was waiting for my trip back to the province. The lady asked the monk to pray for her and she gave something to the monk afterwards. Situations like this is quite heavy for me to see, definitely as a Christian missionary I am hoping that more people in Cambodia would meet Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life. A photo like this is always a reminder for me that there are still work to be done.

One of my principles is that “learning” is a never ending process. Thus, even if I stayed in Cambodia for almost 4 years now, it is always a joy for me to keep learning their language. I just see the massive importance of it especially in reaching out locals. This one is the passage from Matthew 6:9-13. The Lord’s prayer, I wanted to learn how to pray in their mother tongue so I thought it will be good to learn the Khmer version of it.

These are some of the students from my guitar class as well. We walked around the campus after having dinner. Truly grateful to be able to impart things to these young people.

As I have mentioned from my previous updates, some of the wonderful ministry opportunities that I am focusing right now is teaching guitar to the students of Highlands Bible College Cambodia and preparing some things for the launching of Global Life University Cambodia.

This being said please pray for me,

  1. Wisdom for decision making.
  2. Connections for the preparation of the university in the city.
  3. Location for students’ learning.

Should you know someone else who would be willing to support a missionary? Please let me know so I can connect to them (sherwinpido@gmail.com). It would mean a lot to me. Thank you and God bless you!

Wonderful Opportunities

Hi Friends and Family,

As always, it is my prayer that this update would serve as an encouragement and a lens through which you can see many wonderful opportunities and other perspectives.

April was a pretty packed month.

Being able to attend a missionary retreat is truly refreshing. I was able to be reminded that as a missionary we need to be strong and courageous because the truth is being in the field is not easy. We were encouraged also to run the race that the Lord had set before us and to focus on looking at the bigger picture. One of my huge takeaways that time was, learning how to plant oak trees rather than squashes.

April is also the month that Cambodians celebrate New Year. Thus, we had been able to have a quick and sweet escape from the city. We went to Kampot (a beautiful province) to have some fun activities such as kayaking, quad biking and hiking. It was a good timing to take some rest and recreation because I believe missionaries need it too.

It was mesmerizing to see a sea of lotuses. Took the chance to take a picture. If I am not mistaken lotus is one of the flowers that identifies Cambodia. You will be able to see lots of them in the country. Somehow I can’t stop but think of these lotuses as numbers of souls that could be won to Christ as we keep praying and supporting the mission here in Cambodia.

This is one of the highlights of this month’s update. I was invited to be a resource speaker about motivating students to study in the University of Cambodia. At first I was hesitant because technically I finished my degree last 2012 and it has been a long time, however the Lord showed me that this could be a great and wonderful opportunity to impart some wisdom from the word of God. I praise God for allowing me to be a conduit to these young people. It’s good to be able to plant and praying that in time the seed (word of God) that has been planted in their hearts will grow.

Here are my prayer requests;

  1. Wisdom
  2. Patience
  3. Vehicle

Should you know someone else who would be willing to support a missionary? Please let me know so I can connect to them (sherwinpido@gmail.com). It would mean a lot to me. Thank you!

Never in Vain

Hi Friends and Family,

As always, it is my prayer that this update would serve as an encouragement and a lens through which you can see many opportunities and other perspective.

March has been a pretty relaxed time although there were schedules and activities that have been challenging, in a nutshell I would say that all is well.

As I have mentioned from the previous month, I have moved to a different province where I can continuously serve God by serving others. I strongly believe that God has put me here for a reason and called me here to serve in the field of education, specifically Christian education.

This is The Highlands Cambodia, this is going to be the new place where God put me to help in some of the ministries especially the Bible college.

This is the second year students of 2022. I am beyond grateful that I was able to serve God by teaching them through the subjects Life in Bible Times and Minor Prophets. Help me pray that they would continue studying and that they will be the next Christian leaders of their generation and the next here in Cambodia.

This is the third year students of 2022. It is encouraging to see their hunger and determination in learning. I must admit that I might have given them harder tasks learning their subject, Greek language but I am hoping that it is something that could help them as they serve God in the near future as they share the message of God in their respective ministries.

This photo has been one of the encouragements that I had this month. The name of the one preaching is “Vannak”, I first met him together with his friends back in 2018. They were just volunteering in the camping ministry and then I have seen that these young people enrolled in this Bible college. Fast forward to now, I have never imagined seeing him in front, preaching the word of God. I fully believe that it is God’s wonderful plan and I see that the Bible college has been instrumental to where he is now. Thus, serving God by serving students and helping a Bible college is a ministry that will never be in vain. I myself graduated in a Bible school and I am thankful for those who supported and served God through it.

Anything we do for the Lord will truly never be in vain. That is why I continue to do the mission that God has called me to. I am hoping that more people like you would see this opportunity of supporting a missionary. Thank you for allowing your life to be used by God. May you continue to pray for me too.

Here are my prayer requests;

  1. Wisdom
  2. Patience
  3. Acoustic Guitar
  4. Vehicle

Should you know someone else who would be willing to be part of this ministry by supporting monthly? Message me (sherwinpido@gmail.com). Thank you!

Wherever God Leads…

Hello Friends and Family,

I hope this update finds you well.

Last month I have shared that I have been staying and helping the Youth Camping ministry in Cambodia. This month I got an opportunity to serve God through one of the Bible colleges here. And it has been one of my answered prayers. After the talk that I had with my senior pastor reminding me about focusing in a certain ministry where I can fully surrender and trust God and use the skills and gifts that He has given me, I started reflecting and praying about it and found myself thinking about teaching or education sector.

After the ministry in Kampong Thom province, I started praying for a new door to open. I started waiting in the “hallway of opportunities” and sought God.

I would be honest that because pandemic hit me hard, I kind of struggle with mission as well but God is faithful and merciful. I just told God that wherever He leads me I will follow.

Here are some of the activities and ministries that I got involved with in the month of February.

My co-missionary’s wedding last 12th of February 2022.

Grateful and blessed to be able to witness their wedding, was able also to reflect that Christianity and Khmer culture is possible to be combined. I mean, they do not have to kind of erase the culture just to give way with a certain religion. One of the things that us missionaries need to learn is learning how to respect the culture that they have and introduce the gospel in a better way.

Taught the Bible school students how to share the gospel using the John 3:16 diagram.
Bible school students practicing how to share the gospel using the “John 3:16” diagram.
Teaching Life in Bible Times to the second year students

My friends and other people have been asking me about how I am doing with regards teaching in a Bible school and one of the answers that I always tell them is, “I am happy. I am fulfilled that through this I am becoming a partaker of what is to come in the next generation of Cambodians.

Attending one of the chapel hours of Highlands Bible College
Pastor Isaac Basilio and Aunt Eunice Basilio,
my other spiritual mentors and parents in the Philippines

I was very very happy to see them visiting and helping the ministry here in Cambodia. We were able to catch up as well and I am beyond blessed by their reminders and encouragements.

New Filipino Community in the city.

Thank you so much for extending your prayers and financial support to the ministry here in Cambodia. It is truly exciting to know that as the years pass by Cambodians are becoming more and more open and aware of the gospel, although there are still some hostilities and persecutions, I am positive that in the next years that are coming more and more people will hear the gospel and get to know Jesus Christ.

Recently, I was tasked to lead a huge ministry in the education sector here in Cambodia. To be honest I am excited and nervous at the same time, so please continue to pray for me and the ministry.

If you could also include me in your prayer time, here is the list of my prayer concerns.

Prayer Concerns;

  1. Strength and Courage as I lead a new ministry.
  2. God’s Provision for my daily and ministry expenses.
  3. Wisdom in managing time and decision-making.
  4. To be focused and alert in God’s leading.

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Again, thank you so much and may God bless you more and more!

Stop Fulfilling Expectations

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men… Colossians 3:23

“Why did God send me here?”

“How can the mission be fulfilled?”

“Who am I going to do this mission with?”

“Why do I feel so alone?”

“Why me?”

Suddenly I was clueless. I know that I have answered these questions already but because I have felt like a failure these past few months I feel as though that I have chosen to believe that I do not know the answers to these questions. It seemed that I am complaining about it already. And because I felt helpless to move forward it seemed that the only way to stop asking is to escape reality and shut down from everything around me.

There were moments recently that I am not fully aware of what is happening around me or perhaps I do not care about it. I just want to run forever and end this anxiety. For real. All of a sudden I did not think that I am the right fit for this. That I do not know what else to do. For these very reasons, I sort of wallowed into sinning and listening to the lies of the enemy.

“you are useless…”

“you are filthy…”

“you are ugly…”

“you are alone and lonely…”

“you are not going to make it…”

All these lies are believable in a way, recently, with the things that I am experiencing it seemed to be fitting hearing these lies.

With all honesty, there are nights that I wanted things to end. I am thinking that I might not wake up the next day.

However, I am still here writing this one. Therefore, I still have a purpose. Upon contemplating though, I realized that what made it hard for me to face every day is fulfilling the expectations of other people about me and about the ministry that He has entrusted, also it was hard to live up to my standard, it was foolish of me to think that I might not make a mistake again.

I have forgotten that everything is about grace.

Anyway, this sounds heavy, like what I am going through right now is hard but it is nothing compared to what Jesus Christ went through. So even if there are difficult situations I will keep going and I will move forward because God’s plans are bigger and greater.

And in a way, I was reminded not to live under people’s expectations. Just like what the verse is saying I should do everything for God and not for people.

If you are supporting the ministry here, know that I won’t give up until the mission is fulfilled. Until a church is planted, until a community of believers is established.

I told you those things above because even though I am a missionary, I am not excluded from the trials here in the mission field. The enemy wants to destroy me but I thank Jesus that He came to give me life and have it to the full.

By the way, I now live in a studio-size room outside the school where I am teaching.


1. To open an English class ministry to young people in the afternoon for free, with a program of reaching them out and teaching Jesus.

2. To open a FOOTBALL ministry to young people every Saturday with a program of reaching them out and teaching Jesus.

3. To create a discipleship group from ENGLISH AND FOOTBALL ministry.

4. To create a teaching video content that will not just cater to a certain school in Cambodia but all the students here. The content will be teaching English and at the same time sharing the word of God. I wrote a book also, so I will try to market it to some of the learners on that platform. 

5. To create a devotional content that will cater Cambodian people. I wrote a book also, so I will try to market it to some of the viewers on that platform. 


1. To be able to do a part-time job in the school.

2. To have a partner in the ministry that will have the same vision that you gave me.

3. To find a house that is cheap to rent, with a space that will serve as a classroom for teaching and a church for the service.

4. To renew my passport, to enable me to extend my visa.

5. Good Health and Wisdom.

6. Family’s Safety and Salvation.

7. Peace and Intimacy with God.


1. Room Rent – 45$

2. Water and Electricity – 40$

3. Life Insurance – 50$

4. Food – 50$

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men… Colossians 3:23

3 Things You Need To Do To Thrive in Mission

Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. Joshua 1:8

Hi Friends and Family,

Before sharing an August Newsletter 2020 update, allow me to share three things that a missionary must be doing to thrive in mission.

Last year, in August I went back to the Philippines mainly to visit and spend time with my biological and spiritual family. Even though it was just a two-week stay I can say that it has been quintessential.

During this visit, I met an Indian missionary. We decided to go for a coffee before I fly to Singapore to attend a G12 Conference before heading back to the mission field which is Cambodia. In our talk, he taught something that became a significant reminder to me until now.

So he asked me, “How are you? How is the mission going?”

“Surviving.” my short answer.

He then continued to talk and say, “You know what, it is a good thing that you are surviving but I suppose you have to learn how to thrive rather than to survive.”

That was encouraging.

Now I want to write this article/newsletter to remind myself and other missionaries that we can do these three things to thrive in mission.

1. Face your FEAR.

I would like to be particular on this first point. The fear that I am talking about here is the fear of facing new and uncomfortable things. Whenever I would share my testimony to co-missionaries about the mission, most of the time I would mention my phobia with the language, food, and different practices here, however, I was reminded to thrive no matter how hard it is. By God’s grace, I can talk to people now using the Khmer language, I can read and write a few.

2. Find a COMMUNITY.

To tell you honestly I came to Kampong Thom, Cambodia without knowing anybody. The only that kept me going, in the beginning, was God’s promise that He will always be with me and I reckon that is more than enough. Yet, God helped me find a community. A Filipino-believer community whom I can spend time with at times. This is valuable because at some point I get to feel the feeling of being in my own country when I am with them. Given, that these people are believers, it’s a great encouragement for me to see that I am not alone in my missionary journey.

3. Focus on the WORD.

I strongly believe that you will concur with me with this third point. Being in the mission field with inconsistent guidance about how should I do things here is formidable. Nonetheless, with God’s word being available it gives me a reason to keep going. It prompts me to thrive. Without His word I do not know which direction to take and what decision to make about the ministry here.

Thank you that you are still reading this blog.

Here are some mission updates for August 2020.

Praise God because we did not have a major problem about our documents when they paid us a visit. Thank you all for praying for us.
Our employer decided to go out and relax a bit. It was her birthday so we were happy to be invited by her and to be able to join her.
This is the “Chea” family, they are the pioneering members of Love Church, actually their humble abode is what we are using to gather and have fellowship.
Sir Kimthan and his family is totally a blessing. πŸ™‚

We are looking forward for the growth of the ministry here. Please be with us in prayer and financial support.

Would you be willing to be part of this ministry by supporting monthly? Click this link, https://forms.gle/Bnj85nr1QfXjoEm38.

Paypal Account: sherwinpido@gmail.com

Here is my prayer list. Thank you so much in advance.

  1. Intimacy with God and Personal Christian Discipline
  2. Two local families to be won and be connected to Love Church community.
  3. Baptism Plan for Bro Kimthan’s wife and children.
  4. More locals to be part of Love Church ministry. πŸ™‚

5 Things You Need To Know About a Missionary

He said to them, β€œGo into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” Mark 6:15

Hi Friends and Family,

Before sharing a July 2020 update, allow me to share five things that every person needs to know about a missionary.

When I became a believer it took a long time for me to learn more about being a missionary. I know that I have been going to different places in the Philippines bringing and sharing the good news but I have not realized how profound such activity can be with many people. I just understood that as part of my love for God I had to do it because I know how the gospel works in the life of a person.

Sadly, not many people are aware of what a missionary has to go through (αž†αŸ’αž›αž„αž€αžΆαžαŸ‹) and about what he/she is going through while in the mission field.

This part of July’s newsletter I would like you to know some things about a missionary. You might have been aware of these though, however, either way, it can be a reminder.

1. A missionary is a VISION CARRIER.

A missionary is someone who carries a vision. Every step has to be about the fulfillment of it. The thing about this though is the weight of the vision because the one who gives it is Jesus and it is not an easy one for every missionary. It is something that needs to be seen clearly.

2. A missionary is SELFLESS.

Selflessness is one thing that a missionary possesses. Let alone leaving a family behind just to reach out to more people to be part of God’s kingdom explains it. Let alone forsaking your own career goals and plans to bring hope and guide others to have a wonderful future speaks about it. I know without a doubt that there are a lot more points to discuss the altruism of a missionary but if a missionary is reading this I assure you that he/she can relate. There can be a myriad list of things that a missionary has to sacrifice and it would take a while.

A question to a missionary: What have you surrendered to answer God’s calling and to fulfill God’s mission? Leave a comment below!

3. A missionary is APPRECIATIVE.

Okay, I suppose this one is self-explanatory. To a missionary, whether small or big help, it is highly appreciated because he/she believes that it is from God and it will be instrumental to fulfill the mission.


This is one thing that resonated with me in one of the online Bible studies that I am attending, as a Christian we have to be independently dependent with God to keep going. People around us might want to help and teach us but they have limits, on the other hand, God is limitless. Most importantly a missionary is dependent to God when it comes to finances because a missionary knows that the ultimate source is God and that what he/she needs to do is ask, but again just because a missionary inquires for support doesn’t make them a beggar and that’s the fifth thing that you need to know about a missionary.

5. A missionary is NOT A BEGGAR.

I reckon, most will agree with me that a missionary does not want to ask as much as possible because just like anybody else it is hard to be insinuated as beggars. What a missionary is doing is obeying the command of God to ask people because in giving there is a blessing. If people would learn how to support the ministry of God financially then that simply implies that someone is prioritizing the extension of God’s kingdom which I believe is essential.

Thank you that you are still reading this blog. So much of the points that I am trying to make, here are some updates for July.

This month I had a chance to be exposed more and more to some culture of Cambodians. Although honestly, to say that I am happy attending a wedding again would be a bit of a challenge. Please do not get me wrong, I am ecstatic that they got married but what I am not happy about is me being reminded that I am still single. Lol! Anyhow, I still appreciate that I get to witness and observe more Khmer weddings. The couple is a believer by the way.
We celebrated one of the member’s birthday. It was great to gather together again. There are three Cambodian families here in which two of them are the families that we are praying for to be connected to the Love Church community and serve God soon. It is truly amazing to see different nations having a fellowship.

Needless to say, your prayers and financial support will lead to more souls being led to Christ.

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 Then Jesus came to them and said, β€œAll authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:18-20

Hi Friends and Family,

Before sharing a June 2020 update, allow me to give some real-quick details about my stay here in Cambodia.

I have have been here for 2 years now and I am currently staying in an international school owned by a Korean missionary. The factors for adjustment have been better now compared with my first few months. Yes, I have picked up some from their language already and my stomach has adjusted somehow with their food.

I’d say everything is actually just fine, until recently this question bugged me. Perhaps one of the reasons was because I have watched several video sermons of Myles Munroe about how to be successful and how to create an impact in this world. Thus, such inquiry had me thinking. I was just resting on a hammock that time and then there it was again, the question, “Why am I here in Cambodia?” The inquiry brought me back when I first answered God’s calling.

And the sure thing that God wants me to do here is to plant a church ministry. A ministry that will extend God’s kingdom here in Cambodia. It was three years ago when my heart broke for what breaks God’s heart when I had a short mission exposure in Phnom Penh and until now every time I would see such activity here in Cambodia, I can’t look at it or even think of it for a long time.

Sometimes I ask myself, “Why me?”. But I would just found myself answering and being convicted by the Holy Spirit with, “If not you, then who?” and “I have created you for this very reason.” Hence, I consider such a burden as an honor and a privilege. It is somewhat similar to what Apostle Paul was saying about taking part in what Jesus had suffered. At least a pinch of it.

Probably for other people, two years is already a long time to accomplish the task that God has given me here, however for some reason I can see that this is just the beginning, even with frustrations and despair at times I resorted to believing that it is not too late to keep pursuing the plan of God in establishing a ministry here. It’s better to have a positive outlook on things than to dwell on the frustrations that certainly make our souls downcast.

You are reading this update because what God is doing here must be known. I believe it is timely, for all of you to hear this great news happening here in the kingdom of Cambodia.

Let me show them to you.

As you can see, most of the ministry opportunity that I have here is English teaching and I strongly believe that it is a wisdom from God to do this because there is a high demand from students who want to learn the language. Thus, as a teachenary (teacher-missionary) it is my sworn duty to let them get connected to Jesus.

As someone who is already in the field, it is my joy to be able to plant the seed that He has entrusted me. And yes, I am already planting and there are more to be planted considering that there are more doors of opportunity to do so.

This is the Love Church ( αž–αŸ’αžšαŸ‡αžœαž·αž αžΆαžšαžŸαŸαž…αž€αŸ’αžŠαžΈαžŸαŸ’αžšαž›αžΆαž‰αŸ‹ ) in Kampong Thom, Cambodia. It has officially started June 2019 and up until now God has been loyal and faithful. More Cambodian families have attended and are being connected to the ministry. Much more these days as a result of our online service every Sunday.

These things are certainly God’s doing. The truth of the matter is, these things won’t be possible without him providing the vision, wisdom, strength, and partners.

In line with this, I need more prayer partners and supporters.

Honestly, I cannot do this alone. I need a team and wherever you are right now you can be part of this growing ministry opportunity. You can be part of a national transformation.

Could you please take a moment to pray for my concerns right now?

  1. Deeper Intimacy with God
  2. Purity of Heart and Mind
  3. Wisdom and Good Health
  4. God-Centered Relationship
  5. Investment Opportunity
  6. Locals Involvement in the Online Ministry
  7. Monthly Supporters

In a nutshell, the main things that I do at the moment are teaching English to different levels and incorporating Jesus in any way possible and leading the ministry that has been started here. My weekdays are for teaching opportunities and weekends are for the church ministry.

Thank you so much for spending your precious time to read this. My heart is filled with gratitude because of your prayers and support. God is loyal and faithful indeed.

αž–αŸ’αžšαŸ‡αž”αŸ’αžšαž‘αžΆαž“αž–αžš – God bless!



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αž–αžΆαž€αŸ’αž™αž€αŸ’αž“αž»αž„αž—αžΆαžŸαžΆαž’αž„αŸ‹αž‚αŸ’αž›αŸαžŸαž‘αžΆαŸ†αž„ ្០ αžŠαŸ‚αž›αžαŸ‚αž„αžαŸ‚αžαŸ’αžšαžΌαžœαž”αžΆαž“αž”αŸ’αžšαž€αž”αžαž»αžŸ 20 COMMONLY MISSPELLED ENGLISH WORDS

Marilyn Vos Savant said, β€œWhen our spelling is perfect, it’s invisible. But when it’s flawed, it prompts strong negative associations.” I believe that what she had said is understandable for many. As an English teacher sometimes I tend to be β€œjudgemental” about other people whenever they write something with words spelled incorrectly.

If you know the right spelling of the word β€œjudgmental” you might have noticed it. You might have seen that difference. However, I purposely did it to show my point in this article. By the way, judgmental and judgemental are accepted as correct spellings.

Spelling the words correctly is important. If you misspell them you might receive preconceptions from others about you as a person. I remembered my boss before, he told me about a resume that he had received from an applicant with a lot of spelling mistakes and he automatically denied the application.

This being said, we should be careful. 

In this article I will share twenty commonly misspelled words in the English language. 

Click the video to see these different words. 


Today for some reason I felt so tired when I woke up. Normally the body should feel refreshed after sleeping, however, I felt over-fatigued this morning. I wanted to go back to sleep but I just can’t.

Then the urge of reading and meditating His word just sets in. The kind that can’t wait.

When I checked my daily verse from the You Version Bible it says,

No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it. (Hebrews 12:11)

Honestly, I got a bit frightened for the discipline that I need to endure that will result a harvest of righteousness and peace. I felt like whatever painful thing that I need to face I am not ready for it yet but who am I to question and doubt God’s plan? I know that He knows better and He will not let us face things that we cannot overcome.

Most of the time if I do not quite understand the verse I would read the whole chapter to see the context of it for a more pristine look on what He wants to say.

I started reading the whole chapter 12 of Hebrew, and right there and then the beginning of the passage just struck me, it says, throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles (v.1) for without holiness no one will see the Lord and it ended saying that,

“Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our β€œGod is a consuming fire.” (Hebrews 12:28-29)

I thought about this “God is a consuming fire” phrase, I know that I have sung this on Hillsong’s song entitled, “Consuming Fire” but I have never really understood what it meant. I looked up for more explanation on the web and I found out that it explains about God is a jealous God and that He does not want people to worship any other gods.

I do not know but I immediately thought about what is happening in this world right now.

The world is so busy finding the vaccine for this enemy that is unseen when the solution is right in front of our eyes.

We just ignore to see it. We are blinded with our intelligence, we are so distracted to find the answer when what we need to do first is to turn to God and have faith in Him. Have faith that God will be the one to provide wisdom to people. 

Faith tells us to believe even though we cannot see Him, to believe that even when we don’t see it, He is working, even when we don’t feel it He is working.

The world is in havoc because of this pandemic and yet most people are still having a hard time trusting God and putting their hope only on Him. People would still offer burnt offerings and sacrifices to their gods when what God wants is to only worship Him.

God is a consuming fire.

At the moment, the world is receiving discipline from Him because he loves it (John 3:16). It did cost a lot of lives, on the other hand, I believe that instead of rationalizing and leaning on our understanding He wants us to start realizing that He is our only dependence.

Oh, God You are truly a consuming fire.


People nowadays are keen on modern technology and generally, there is always a profound longing for everyone to find comfort. We always want to find the easiest way of handling things. We always prefer to be instantaneous. Nevertheless, the same thing goes for every student, parent, and teacher. For

them, it will always be better to study smart than to study hard. Below are some reasons why you as a teacher should tutor online.

  1. Tutoring online pays a higher salary.


We all know that as a teacher to be able to share knowledge with our students is our accomplishment and fulfillment. However, an additional motivation for our passion is knowing that we are properly compensated. I have taught at different schools already, private and public, offline and online and I can say that as a teacher we all deserve to be handsomely recompensed for tutoring. In my experience, I suppose that to be allowed to teach online I can say that the salary is truly competitive. When I started working online I experienced earning for a month the one that I usually worked for a year. If you will search, the average online tutor makes $20 to $25 an hour, however, some platforms take a portion of that out with the fees they charge you to accept you as one of their tutors.Β 

  1. Tutoring online allows you to have unlimited resources.


For me, this is one of the best reasons because I can just keep searching and keep modifying my original materials based on the things that I learn from different resources. For some online teachers most especially those who are rookies they may be having some difficulty building or establishing some of your teaching materials or perhaps you do not even have one but tutoring online gives you a never-ending opportunity to find better and trusted materials depending upon the subject that you are teaching. Another good news is, some companies provide teaching materials and they would even train you on how to navigate it. Thus, resources will never be a pain in the neck for you. There are even groups on Facebook that would provide you right away those mediums for free and without hesitation.Β 

  1. Tutoring online is hassle-free.


Hassle-free, it sounds soothing to hear right? Is it too good to be true? Does online tutoring eliminate hassle? Probably in your entire life in the field of work you have never experienced absolute convenience. Well, the truth is when you work online you do not have to rush going to your work because your job is just one click away. I remember one of my students online, he would always complain about how hard it is to go to his work every day. He would always tell me that online tutors have the luxury to enjoy working from home. While he experiences traveling with the hustle and bustle of the city other people who are working remotely or working from home are enjoying a great perk of being an online tutor.

  1. Tutoring online permits you to organize your time.


One of the hardest things as a worker to manage and organize is time. Sometimes because of the deadlines and different errands that you have to meet you tend to jeopardize a lot of things. You tend to abuse the time by not using it responsibly. Most of the time at work even though paid are wasted. There is a famous proverb and it says, β€œTime is gold.”, this simply means that the time that we have is very important and since it was compared to gold, it also connotes wealth and money. To be able to organize your time is first not to be pressured, secondly, not to get stressed because of load work and lastly, it also means having more doors of opportunity to earn more salary since you get to organize the time of your students. Being able to organize will surely help you grow as an individual too.

  1. Tutoring online grants you an opportunity to learn about other cultures.


This is one of the exciting reasons for me. I am not just a teacher but I am also a traveler. Therefore, tutoring online grants me an opportunity to travel virtually, and perhaps when the time and budget permits, I will certainly take the chance of visiting my students in their country. As an online tutor, since I am concerned a little bit regarding the culture and language of my students I make it to a point or as much as possible I would be aware and knowledgeable about their culture and one of the things that you can do is to experience it first hand. Teaching online will allow you to teach different nationalities. Thus, it will also enable you to learn about different cultures.Β 

Being an online tutor widens your capacity as an individual. Some people might say that teaching conventionally is still applicable in our generation and I do not disagree with that, however, given that we all have the means to improve and update strategies to make our studying and teaching easier, I think tutoring online must be considered highly. If we are to define the word β€œtechnology” it means the set of knowledge, skills, experience, and techniques through which humans change, transform and use the environment to create tools, machines, products, and services that meet our needs and desires. More presently, it means to make our lives easier and more comfortable. The truth is, if you will observe some private and public schools now, they are using some technologies to teach, it means that we cannot deny the fact that it is certainly innovative to tutor online and it gives you a lot of advantages. First, you will be paid a higher salary, secondly, you have unlimited resources, thirdly, you will enjoy hassle-free work, in addition to that you will be able to organize your time, and lastly, you will have an opportunity to learn other cultures.

Do you want to experience these benefits? Start tutoring online now and see for yourself.Β 


It has been more than a year since I started teaching here in the Kingdom of Wonder, Cambodia. It is truly a wonderful opportunity to be used by God in a foreign country. Even though there are a lot of challenges to face, I still continue because God has a wonderful plan.

Last year, I met the father of my student who became an answer to one of my prayers to be able to establish a ministry to reach out locals. To make the long story short, English Class Ministry is now happening every Saturday at 4:00 pm and still looking forward that many more young people will be reached by it.


Things have not been really easy, like the process and all that but by God’s help or provision I believe everything will be done according to His wonderful plan.

So every Saturday I go to the place where I conduct the ministry using bike and it is a lot of help already but I believe through a motorbike it will be a lot easier.

Eight young people, namely;

  1. David,
  2. Vea Cha,
  3. Kimhuy
  4. Sokun
  5. Soursdei
  6. Sokkour
  7. Vichheka
  8. Seyha

came to hear about the gospel and received Jesus as their Lord and personal Savior and now some of them are attending the Pag-ibig Church worship service every Sunday at 4:00 pm. 

Some of them needs to be battled in prayer too because their parents are not allowing them to attend and some of them are just busy with so many things.


That being said, God is really being lifted up and His name is being known here. With your support by prayer and financially more souls will be reached out.

Thank you so much for being with me in prayer always.

Prayer Requests

  1. Motorbike (I need 50 people to support 20$)
  2. TV for the worship service.
  3. More ministry opportunities such as, Football, Taekwondo, English Class.

Below is a vlog about the English Class every Saturday.

Let me know what you think. Post your comments below. If you have some questions please do not hesitate to connect with me. God bless you so much!

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