A Never Ending Process

Hi friends and family, As always, I am praying and hoping that you are doing quite well. This is an update for the month of May 2022. Honestly it has been a little ordinary these past few weeks, however I couldn’t complain really because God is good no matter what, and I am quite gratefulContinue reading “A Never Ending Process”

Wonderful Opportunities

Hi Friends and Family, As always, it is my prayer that this update would serve as an encouragement and a lens through which you can see many wonderful opportunities and other perspectives. April was a pretty packed month. Being able to attend a missionary retreat is truly refreshing. I was able to be reminded thatContinue reading “Wonderful Opportunities”

Never in Vain

Hi Friends and Family, As always, it is my prayer that this update would serve as an encouragement and a lens through which you can see many opportunities and other perspective. March has been a pretty relaxed time although there were schedules and activities that have been challenging, in a nutshell I would say thatContinue reading “Never in Vain”

Wherever God Leads…

Hello Friends and Family, I hope this update finds you well. Last month I have shared that I have been staying and helping the Youth Camping ministry in Cambodia. This month I got an opportunity to serve God through one of the Bible colleges here. And it has been one of my answered prayers. AfterContinue reading “Wherever God Leads…”


“To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.” – Aldous Huxley And when I went to Cambodia to do some mission and teaching at the same time I have discovered that truly what other people think about this country is totally different when your feet touch its ground. I am aContinue reading “TOP 5 MUST VISIT WHEN IN CAMBODIA”

Change The Way You See Adventure

I was born in a home to two of the most famous events in the Philippine history.First, the Battle of Leyte Gulf, the largest naval battle of World War II that happened at 23-26 October of 1944 between combined US and Australian forces and the Imperial Japanese Navy. Second, a promise that involves Gen. Douglas MacArthurContinue reading “Change The Way You See Adventure”


People say “obedience is better than sacrifice” but i say I have experienced both and greater things can happen. Recently I have been struggling about the things that I need to do. I would always ask God about His plan for me, like what should I be doing next. It’s been four months since IContinue reading “OBEDIENCE IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE”


When I was young, I really wanted to be a teacher. At early age I do appreciate already the legacy my teachers leaving and the impact they were making. Those were the reasons why I wanted to pursue on becoming like them. It is such a big opportunity to be a second parent of someContinue reading “TEACHING ENGLISH IN CAMBODIA”


Today is the first day of my second month stay here in Cambodia and I can say that lots of things happened already. It actually feels like I have stayed here longer than a month. Indeed time flies so fast.Previous weeks I was witnessing continuous amazing things. Things I haven’t really encountered when I wasContinue reading “BREAK MY HEART FOR WHAT BREAKS YOURS”


Truth be told, it was exciting to think of travelling to other places, meeting someone new and trying something new. But when you are already experiencing those thoughts it is totally a different story.  It is always easier said than done.  And because of that I would like to share you things about the travelContinue reading “WHEN IN CAMBODIA : CULTURE EXPERIENCE”


This is a journey of a teachenary (teacher and missionary by passion) to Cambodia. I have never thought I would actually experience this much. God is indeed faithful and generous. I was so amazed on how He made it possible. First I was so scared going to this country because I dread that I mightContinue reading “WHEN IN CAMBODIA : THE BEGINNING OF A MISSION”


Although we have something in common somehow we all have differences. The way we perceive things has variations. The good things for others might be bad for some. The pretty things for others might be ugly for some. “The good things for others might be bad for some.”