, Allow me to start my journey to Arayat with a story where hopefully some can relate.

I planned the event 2 weeks ahead. I invited some of my friends and got different answers. Some said yes, some no, some said they will try and think about it. While the day of hiking approaches different reasons from them came in too. I was actually expecting those reasons but I guess just like what James Michener said, “We are never prepared of what we expect” even though I was expecting that they won’t pursue what they said because of different circumstances, and it looks like it can’t be helped. I think I just need to understand that people do make “paasa” sometimes and the best way to deal with it is accept and don’t make “asa” the next time.

Shout out to those people who hoped and got ditched but managed to move on. Lol!

Anyway, the end result was I went alone to Mount Arayat, only because I don’t want to take back my word and I don’t want to waste the opportunity to climb since I was in Pampanga for a week.


And upon pursuing the hike I benefited five things from it and perhaps you will too.

1. Spirituality will be reminded.


If you are a spiritual/religious type of a person you will surely appreciate this one. On your climb to Mount Arayat you will pass along the stations about the life of Jesus. This is the 14th and the last station.

2. Safety will be guaranteed.


The reasons why I said that to hike here is safe because this 2016 the DENR won’t allow hikers to go hiking without a guide and also  it is secure because there are no wild animals thus far. One on the photo is what the people from the provinces called “pako”. It is nice to cook “pako” plant with some coconut milk. I have tasted it myself when I was living in my province also and it’s pretty healthy.

3. Scenic will be viewed.

Mt. Arayat’s Summit view

There are lots of scenic view in Mount Arayat and this is just one of them. When you reach the summit you will be ablt to see different cities in Pampanga, and if you are from this place you will actually identify some. If I am not mistaken this view is the NLEX (North Luz0n Expressway) and some parts of San Fernando, Pampanga.

4. Simple but challenging trail will be faced.



The trail isn’t really that unique unlike the others but I still enjoyed it myself. Sometimes enjoyment is how you take and make it.

5. Satisfactions and expectations will be met.


I was able to hike even alone, alone I mean I don’t know anybody. I was able to climb up to the summit with a guide without paying too much and I was able to find new wonderful and good friends.

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Hi! My name is Adam. I am passionate about teaching and seeing students getting connected to Jesus through the lessons and conversations that I have with them.


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