See those mountains? They seem that they cannot be climbed, right? When my friend asked our guide which mountain to hike, he pointed the one on the left. And we were like, “What? Are you joking?” We were all startled, but he was serious. It looks like it is not possible, but impossible is not a word; it’s just a reason for someone not to try. And so we pursued it.

Join our adventure to Mt. Pamitinan during APEC Holiday. Sit back and relax until we reach the summit. Let’s begin!

JpegWe started to leave our place late in the morning at around 8 a.m. And because we left late we had to buy some foods for “brunch” breakfast and lunch. We bought ours in “TAPSI NI VIVIAN” (The #1 Tapa in Rizal). I bought my favorite Tapsilog although it’s the cheapest one it’s delicious. The Tapsilog is 95 pesos. But I suggest don’t ever do that because you’ll probably miss out the wonderful opportunity like seeing the “sea of clouds”. It’s our bad. You guys should learn from our experience. If you really want to witness and take a picture with it, according to our guide, you should be in the place at 4:30 a.m to start hiking. We saw bikers during our travel. If you are not just a hiker but a biker too, you can actually bike from Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall to Wawa Dam Montalban, Rizal.JpegOur group came from Taytay, Rizal. So we really had to travel for almost 3 hours. It’s a long journey but we were fortunate to meet Nanay Conie Alaras and have us entertained. She told us some historical facts about the place where we’re going. She calls herself Yayadub of Jose Rizal. She is a retired University of the Philippines professor where she taught English and Literature.

I know you’ve been thinking on how to get there and how much will it cost. That’s why I got this blog. Here’s how and how much.



Taytay-Sta.Lucia East Grand Mall Cainta (23pesos)

Sta.Lucia East Grand Mall Cainta-San Rafael (28pesos)


San Rafael -Wawa Dam (15pesos)

Tour Guide fee – (Minimun of 500 pesos)

Entrance Fee – (2 pesos)

Barangay Donation – (any amount)

Keep in Mind:

*The total amount of budget is 336 pesos although it may varies. Depending on how you’re going to negotiate.

*Travel with a minimum of 6-8 persons, it would lessen your budget fee especially for the guide fee.

*There are foods along the way but I suggest that you would pack something from home.

*When we travelled we’re not inform about the barangay donation so that’s another surprise on budgeting. I put it on budget breakdown so you’ll allot amount for it ahead.JpegWhen you get to Wawa Dam where you will start your hike, you have to register first to the organization that protects the landscape. You will sign a waiver and pay two (2) pesos for entrance fee. Then you will be introduced to a tour guide.

tourguide.jpgHe was our tour guide during our hike. Here is his name and contact number if you have some plans to hike in Mt. Pamitinan.

Lydjune Susana: 09105418501

After registration the guide will inform you briefly about Mt. Pamitinan and then you’re ready to go.JpegYou will pass a hanging bridge first after that the real battle begins.1STStation.jpgThis is the first station where you can actually take a rest. Just enough time to regain strength.JpegAfter resting a bit on the first station you can go now to what the guides call 7/11. When they say 7/11, you should know what they mean. Haha! This is where you can buy some foods and drinks. During our hike we had lunch here since we climbed late already. This is also the junction of two mountains, the Mt. Hapunang Banoy and the Mt. Pamitinan, so from here some of the hikers part ways, some goes to Hapunang Banoy and other goes to Mt. Pamitinan.



According to Ate from the 7/11. People from there believe that the reason why it’s called “Hapunang Banoy” is because the Philippine eagle rests there sometimes.


hike1Rocks are very sharp. I recommend you to bring gloves when you come here. Bring the ones that construction workers use. I didn’t bring that is why I had a hard time climbing. Learn from my experience. Lol!

1STPHOTOBOOTH.jpgFifteen (15) minutes after your rest in Mt. Pamitinan so called 7/11, you’ll get to see the first view. The team that I was with, call this one the “First Photobooth”. My kness were shaking when I tried to pose here.



This site is what we called “second photobooth”. When you hike here don’t ever miss this wonderful site. If my kness were shaking during first photobooth, here not just my kness but also my legs. It looks relaxed on the picture but it was really scary especially for the people who has fear of heights. One of my friends conquered his. This might help you too. There is no reason to  miss the perfect opportunity just because of a simple fear.


Before reaching the summit you have to climb this rock using that rope. 🙂

Mt. Pamitinan2.jpg


And we made it to the summit. We can still manage to smile after a bit of exhausting hike. You really have to smile even though it’s hard. Hapiness is a choice. And no matter how difficult the hike has been for beginners like us, it’s all worth it. Wonderful view of mountains, refreshing air, and relaxing sound of the streams of water from Wawa Dam.


04:30 Arrival at Brgy. Wawa. Register at barangay hall / tourism office  05:00 Start trek up at Mt. Pamitinan
06:00 Arrival at Hapunang Banoy and Mt. Pamitinan junction (7/11)
07:00 ETA summit
09:00 Start descent
10:30 Back at Brgy. Wawa. Explore the area / Sidetrips
12:00 Lunch
14:00 Freshen up in Wawa River/ Falls (if the officials permit)
17:00 Tidy up then take outbound trike
19:30 Back to Manila


1. Plan ahead and Prepare.

2. Dispose waste properly.

3. Leave what you find.

4. Respect wildlife.

5. Be considrate to other visitors/hikers/tourists.


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