5 Things You Need To Know About a Missionary

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” Mark 6:15

Hi Friends and Family,

Before sharing a July 2020 update, allow me to share five things that every person needs to know about a missionary.

When I became a believer it took a long time for me to learn more about being a missionary. I know that I have been going to different places in the Philippines bringing and sharing the good news but I have not realized how profound such activity can be with many people. I just understood that as part of my love for God I had to do it because I know how the gospel works in the life of a person.

Sadly, not many people are aware of what a missionary has to go through (ឆ្លងកាត់) and about what he/she is going through while in the mission field.

This part of July’s newsletter I would like you to know some things about a missionary. You might have been aware of these though, however, either way, it can be a reminder.

1. A missionary is a VISION CARRIER.

A missionary is someone who carries a vision. Every step has to be about the fulfillment of it. The thing about this though is the weight of the vision because the one who gives it is Jesus and it is not an easy one for every missionary. It is something that needs to be seen clearly.

2. A missionary is SELFLESS.

Selflessness is one thing that a missionary possesses. Let alone leaving a family behind just to reach out to more people to be part of God’s kingdom explains it. Let alone forsaking your own career goals and plans to bring hope and guide others to have a wonderful future speaks about it. I know without a doubt that there are a lot more points to discuss the altruism of a missionary but if a missionary is reading this I assure you that he/she can relate. There can be a myriad list of things that a missionary has to sacrifice and it would take a while.

A question to a missionary: What have you surrendered to answer God’s calling and to fulfill God’s mission? Leave a comment below!

3. A missionary is APPRECIATIVE.

Okay, I suppose this one is self-explanatory. To a missionary, whether small or big help, it is highly appreciated because he/she believes that it is from God and it will be instrumental to fulfill the mission.


This is one thing that resonated with me in one of the online Bible studies that I am attending, as a Christian we have to be independently dependent with God to keep going. People around us might want to help and teach us but they have limits, on the other hand, God is limitless. Most importantly a missionary is dependent to God when it comes to finances because a missionary knows that the ultimate source is God and that what he/she needs to do is ask, but again just because a missionary inquires for support doesn’t make them a beggar and that’s the fifth thing that you need to know about a missionary.

5. A missionary is NOT A BEGGAR.

I reckon, most will agree with me that a missionary does not want to ask as much as possible because just like anybody else it is hard to be insinuated as beggars. What a missionary is doing is obeying the command of God to ask people because in giving there is a blessing. If people would learn how to support the ministry of God financially then that simply implies that someone is prioritizing the extension of God’s kingdom which I believe is essential.

Thank you that you are still reading this blog. So much of the points that I am trying to make, here are some updates for July.

This month I had a chance to be exposed more and more to some culture of Cambodians. Although honestly, to say that I am happy attending a wedding again would be a bit of a challenge. Please do not get me wrong, I am ecstatic that they got married but what I am not happy about is me being reminded that I am still single. Lol! Anyhow, I still appreciate that I get to witness and observe more Khmer weddings. The couple is a believer by the way.
We celebrated one of the member’s birthday. It was great to gather together again. There are three Cambodian families here in which two of them are the families that we are praying for to be connected to the Love Church community and serve God soon. It is truly amazing to see different nations having a fellowship.

Needless to say, your prayers and financial support will lead to more souls being led to Christ.

Would you be willing to be part of this ministry by supporting monthly? Click this link, https://forms.gle/Bnj85nr1QfXjoEm38.

Paypal Account: sherwinpido@gmail.com

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