People nowadays are keen on modern technology and generally, there is always a profound longing for everyone to find comfort. We always want to find the easiest way of handling things. We always prefer to be instantaneous. Nevertheless, the same thing goes for every student, parent, and teacher. For

them, it will always be better to study smart than to study hard. Below are some reasons why you as a teacher should tutor online.

  1. Tutoring online pays a higher salary.


We all know that as a teacher to be able to share knowledge with our students is our accomplishment and fulfillment. However, an additional motivation for our passion is knowing that we are properly compensated. I have taught at different schools already, private and public, offline and online and I can say that as a teacher we all deserve to be handsomely recompensed for tutoring. In my experience, I suppose that to be allowed to teach online I can say that the salary is truly competitive. When I started working online I experienced earning for a month the one that I usually worked for a year. If you will search, the average online tutor makes $20 to $25 an hour, however, some platforms take a portion of that out with the fees they charge you to accept you as one of their tutors. 

  1. Tutoring online allows you to have unlimited resources.


For me, this is one of the best reasons because I can just keep searching and keep modifying my original materials based on the things that I learn from different resources. For some online teachers most especially those who are rookies they may be having some difficulty building or establishing some of your teaching materials or perhaps you do not even have one but tutoring online gives you a never-ending opportunity to find better and trusted materials depending upon the subject that you are teaching. Another good news is, some companies provide teaching materials and they would even train you on how to navigate it. Thus, resources will never be a pain in the neck for you. There are even groups on Facebook that would provide you right away those mediums for free and without hesitation. 

  1. Tutoring online is hassle-free.


Hassle-free, it sounds soothing to hear right? Is it too good to be true? Does online tutoring eliminate hassle? Probably in your entire life in the field of work you have never experienced absolute convenience. Well, the truth is when you work online you do not have to rush going to your work because your job is just one click away. I remember one of my students online, he would always complain about how hard it is to go to his work every day. He would always tell me that online tutors have the luxury to enjoy working from home. While he experiences traveling with the hustle and bustle of the city other people who are working remotely or working from home are enjoying a great perk of being an online tutor.

  1. Tutoring online permits you to organize your time.


One of the hardest things as a worker to manage and organize is time. Sometimes because of the deadlines and different errands that you have to meet you tend to jeopardize a lot of things. You tend to abuse the time by not using it responsibly. Most of the time at work even though paid are wasted. There is a famous proverb and it says, “Time is gold.”, this simply means that the time that we have is very important and since it was compared to gold, it also connotes wealth and money. To be able to organize your time is first not to be pressured, secondly, not to get stressed because of load work and lastly, it also means having more doors of opportunity to earn more salary since you get to organize the time of your students. Being able to organize will surely help you grow as an individual too.

  1. Tutoring online grants you an opportunity to learn about other cultures.


This is one of the exciting reasons for me. I am not just a teacher but I am also a traveler. Therefore, tutoring online grants me an opportunity to travel virtually, and perhaps when the time and budget permits, I will certainly take the chance of visiting my students in their country. As an online tutor, since I am concerned a little bit regarding the culture and language of my students I make it to a point or as much as possible I would be aware and knowledgeable about their culture and one of the things that you can do is to experience it first hand. Teaching online will allow you to teach different nationalities. Thus, it will also enable you to learn about different cultures. 

Being an online tutor widens your capacity as an individual. Some people might say that teaching conventionally is still applicable in our generation and I do not disagree with that, however, given that we all have the means to improve and update strategies to make our studying and teaching easier, I think tutoring online must be considered highly. If we are to define the word “technology” it means the set of knowledge, skills, experience, and techniques through which humans change, transform and use the environment to create tools, machines, products, and services that meet our needs and desires. More presently, it means to make our lives easier and more comfortable. The truth is, if you will observe some private and public schools now, they are using some technologies to teach, it means that we cannot deny the fact that it is certainly innovative to tutor online and it gives you a lot of advantages. First, you will be paid a higher salary, secondly, you have unlimited resources, thirdly, you will enjoy hassle-free work, in addition to that you will be able to organize your time, and lastly, you will have an opportunity to learn other cultures.

Do you want to experience these benefits? Start tutoring online now and see for yourself. 

Published by Lukru Adam

Hi! My name is Adam. I am passionate about teaching and seeing students getting connected to Jesus through the lessons and conversations that I have with them.

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