One of my favorite author once said that the past is the prequel of the present, one reason why we have been living with its shadow overhead, we have been lonely for so long and we can’t just seem to move on. But what does it really take to move forward? How can someone really forget and be able to go on.

I just realized that people themselves are unfair. They want to forget only the things that they don’t want to remember, I mean only those things that have hurt them, the good things they keep thinking. However, the truth is whether good or bad, happy or sad moments, the past is in the past, we can never bring them back. That is why we are being urged to live our present to its fullest, that we have to number our days by investing our time wisely and spending with our loved ones and those people who are important to us with quality. We should not live by exhuming what has been buried in the past. Let alone fades and be forgotten. Instead, we should be straining toward what is ahead.

If you are reading this, please don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to not learn from your past, because you are indeed free to do so, I don’t mean, to not remember good memories because you are indeed the holder of your own thoughts. My point is if your past is not helping you, whether it was a good or a bad situation, stop thinking about it.

I can’t forget this friend of mine whom I have suggested some things to do about her love life. One of them was, I told her to pray for it first and ask God about His will, at that time she was just fifteen years old, which means there are so many things to prioritize like studies before anything else. I am sure you’re thinking that she should forget thinking about it because she is still young and believe me I had the same thought too, I even prayed about her that she should not engage with it, unfortunately she did.

This friend of mine had a relationship with the guy who pursued her, to make the long story short.

She would describe me the feeling of being protected by her lover, nothing compares she said. I would just agree to her because I can’t really disagree, that is what she was feeling as of that moment. The same relationship that others had, they had ups and downs also. They persistently worked it out.

As for me, if it is meant to be then it will be and if it is not God’s will, it won’t go well. They enjoyed the relationship for five years, yes you are reading that so right, five years then suddenly their relationship had stopped. Just imagine the kind of pain the girl had felt, the many tears shed, and numbers of handkerchiefs been wet, only because of a rush decision made in the past. If I am to describe the pain she felt after the break up, I would say, nothing compares.

Five years…

Basically after what happened, you would think that my friend should have learned lessons from it. And yes, she did. Just that, maybe her stubbornness I think is much stronger than the pain she had. The girl tried to move on after a year or two, then here’s this guy again knocking and disturbing my friend’s focused heart. She tried opening and understanding…and for the second time around the second chance given has been wasted.

The pain once again demanded to be felt. She thought it will work out this time but it didn’t.

I tried telling her before she gave this guy another chance that she should not lower down her standard. That she is God’s princess (sitti), and that her prince should be the one pursuing, that her standard that is in line with God’s should never be compromised.

My prayer is with my friend, prayer for her to be stronger and persevering.

Now I know that she is trusting God to write her love story and is waiting for her prince to pursue her.

If you are a girl and reading this, I want to tell you this.

You are to be pursued. You are God’s princess, you should not compromise only for your own sake and own delight. Do not even try to reason out or justify. If God says “no”, then it is indeed a “no”.  Learn how to wait, your prince is coming. God is busy right now writing your love story.

Say this with yourself, personalize it, and make it your daily reminder,

 I am to be pursued. I am God’s princess, I should not compromise because of my own sake and own delight. I won’t even try to reason out or justify. If God says “no”, then it is indeed a “no”.  I will wait, because my prince is coming. God is busy right now writing our love story.

Shared my friend’s story because I believe many can learn from it. Instead of dwelling on what has happened in the past, start praying and waiting for your prince to come, for the prince that God, the best writer of love story, has prepared for you.

Erase all the shadows in your head, let not yourself be trapped in the past, move on instead.


I am no love expert; I am just saying and sharing. Hope this one has helped you. Share your thoughts and comments below. Don’t forget to share and tag your friends whom you think in need of such encouragement and reminder.

Should you have any question, please feel free to email me at (, or send me a message on my facebook messenger (Adam Pido) I will be glad to pray for you and discuss things with you.

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Hi! My name is Adam. I am passionate about teaching and seeing students getting connected to Jesus through the lessons and conversations that I have with them.

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