Whenever the Lord dials my number to call me, I would always hesitate to answer. Although I have surveyed different pastors, ministers, and leaders on how to know that God is calling already, I am scared. It might be because I am always looking about its uncertainty. Tonight the Lord is re-confirming and redialing.



As of the moment, I am enjoying the answers to my question about what is Grace doing in my life.  I believe it is grace mixed with favor for me to be able to attend the 48th Lide-Walker Bible Conference here in Baguio City. Before whenever my pastor shares me his experience during the conference, I would just pray and desire that one day I will be able to attend as well. Here I am now; I am one of the delegates. Nothing excites me but to be filled again because I always make sure to empty myself whenever I attend conferences.


Tonight the topic is about “The Calling to Make Disciples” shared by Ptr. Noel De Guzman. I was blessed to be reminded that fear is equal to selfishness. Just recently I have been dealing with it. I have been stubborn in answering God. It is very unfair because I know that as I call to Him, He would always answer and would always come to my rescue. I am encouraged not to be afraid and just pursue God’s calling. There might be doubts, but everything must be surrendered to Him. Tonight is a grace and favour. And for what you are doing Grace, I pray that you would continue it, I don’t deserve anything, given that I have been hard –headed, I really, really thank you so much.


God never ceases to amaze me. I have had much learning again during the second day of the conference.  And the highlight of my yesterday was when I attended this session about Youth Ministry. I have been blessed to hear from  Pastor  Jonathan Dignadice about the mistakes that the Youth Leaders should not do and the must have, and here are the four mistakes and three must-have, I hope this one would help you too.


  1. Love the youth more than God.
  2. Have a prayer-less life.
  3. Didn’t have the joy of reading God’s word.
  4. Relied on own strength.


  1. Mentor
  2. Peers
  3. Disciples

And hearing also answers from Pastor Bong Cabuhat was much of a help as well. I am amazed how passionate he is. I am blessed how he is close with God and I envy him spiritually. I look up to that moment where I easily get solutions from His word also.  I am praying that I would also have that kind of relationship with my Father in Heaven and that I would have more time in seeking God’s word than anything else in this world. And being able to witness and experience those things were totally awesome and I don’t deserve any of it, which is Grace.


It is now the third day of the annual conference and God just pours out blessings after blessings. Yesterday Ptr. Bong just prayed for me about my desire to study in a seminary. I believe it is the Holy Spirit putting the kind of zeal in me and I know that He has a better and wonderful plan; this early morning although I wasn’t able to find Pastor Bong and Ate Bea for a coffee, it is a great moment again hearing his heart that beats for God.

There are lots of things that he shared but one thing that I can’t forget with his preaching was the word, “It is finished.” Indeed God did everything for us and He finished it so whatever happens and comes now, all I want is to always find the chance on how to bring glory unto His name. Just like what He said about whether in a valley of the shadow of death or in a mountaintop experience, it is a blessing, a blessing and an opportunity to just glorify His name in any way possible.

God is truly awesooooommmmeee!

During lunch I had a great time listening with Ptr. Bong and Bea Cabuhat. I am privileged to hear also how great God is in their lives. This couple is just full of anointing of the Holy Spirit and I can’t wait to listen more from them.

Also Ptr. Rico never failed to remind us about how to trust God with all our heart, soul, strength, and mind. One thing I can’t forget was that, he has a great sense of humour and I enjoy listening to Him. Ptr. Gideon as well cannot be forgotten, I am genuinely encouraged on how to take preaching and sharing the word of God with a passionate heart, that whether in season and out of season I have to be ready.

My stay in Baguio seemed like a dream to me. But just like what I heard from Ptr. Garvic Garcia, everybody has the capacity to dream and that dream will be a possibility and as we persevere and endure it will be a reality. I thank God above all for letting me experienced His super abounding grace. I look forward for your future plans for me and I surrender everything. I don’t know yet but I trust you.


I believe that the personification of grace is Jesus. So I would say that Jesus (grace), thank you for what you have done.

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Hi! My name is Adam. I am passionate about teaching and seeing students getting connected to Jesus through the lessons and conversations that I have with them.

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